9 Eco-Friendly Skin Care Routine Tips

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eco friendly skincare

Want to establish an eco-friendly skin care routine? I believe that starts by finding what’s sustainable for you and the planet – a happy midway point, if you will.

It’s important to purchase products that are made using organic, natural ingredients, but it’s also important to think about packaging.

And, let’s not forget, it’s just as important to consider what products actually work on your skin in the long run.

Cause honey, it’s not sustainable for you if it does nothing for you! Here are my best kept eco-friendly skin care routine tips.

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11 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

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What does your laundry routine look like right now? Most people’s laundry room is probably full of plastic bottles of detergent, single-use dryer sheets and bottles of fabric softener. And while the wastefulness of that is something to comment on, the real danger lies in what’s in the products.

So many laundry products contain ingredients that are harmful to both humans and the environment. A lot of people forget that what we put in our washing machines heads into our waterways. Unfortunately, many laundry products contribute to water pollution on a massive scale.

Thankfully, there are several ways we can green our laundry room – from the detergent we use to the actual washing machine itself. Here are 11 eco-friendly laundry tips that will keep your clothes spotless without harming the planet.

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How to Host a Zero Waste Party | 5 Quick Tips

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Looking to host a zero waste party? There’s a lot that goes into party planning, and waste is something we don’t often consider. Sadly, most party plastics cannot be recycled.

To make matters worse, lots of party decorations and food goes to waste too. If you want to reduce the amount of trash your get-together will generate, here are 5 quick tips to try ASAP.

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8 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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Interested in making your home more eco-friendly? There are so many items in your house that may not be sustainable – and that’s okay! No one is perfect so it’s important to learn and make better choices down the line. 

To me, having an eco-friendly home means being mindful of the items you bring into it. It also means knowing what powers your home – fossil fuels or renewables – and learning ways to save energy.

The good news is there’s no one way to have a sustainable home. The tips on this list don’t have to happen overnight – you can pick and choose which are most feasible for you at this point in time. Here are 8 ways to make your home more eco-friendly. 

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11 Tips to Eat More Sustainably

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Did you know what you eat can have an impact on the planet? Food production actually contributes to climate change: Forests are often torn down to rear cattle and grow crops for livestock while oceans are overfished and trawled.

About a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions comes from our food. Also, most food is farmed out of season, which utilizes further resources to sustain it, and then heavily packaged in plastic by the time it arrives at our door.

The ironic part is we often waste the food we have too – In the United States alone, nearly 40 percent of food is wasted. Thankfully, there are ways to change the relationship we have with food for the better. Here are 11 tips to eat more sustainably.

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11 Simple Tips For Zero-Waste Grocery Shopping

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Have you ever walked into a grocery store and felt overwhelmed by the plastic packaging? You’re not alone.

I’ve seen some things that have literally made me roll my eyes and shake my head: Like cucumbers individually wrapped in plastic film.

Manufacturers have a terrible habit of overdoing it when it comes to our food’s packaging – it’s like they forget it comes from the ground. It doesn’t need so much protection.

That said, I do agree certain items (like pre-chopped produce) can help make fresh foods more accessible.

I realize not everyone can peel and chop their food – but there are tons of people who can and still choose the convenience option.

I think there needs to be a balance here, and there are many areas for improvements and innovation. Thankfully, there are ways to shop plastic-free, even amidst this chaos.

Here are 11 simple tips for zero waste grocery shopping.

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20 Ways to Reduce Waste on Campus

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Table of Contents for 20 Ways to Reduce Waste on Campus

  1. Bring Your Reusables
  2. Thrift, baby
  3. Keep a set of real dishes on hand
  4. Hit up a bulk store
  5. Hit up a farmers market
  6. Start a zero waste club
  7. Revisit your shower caddy
  8. Clean without the toxins
  9. Start a compost heap + community garden
  10. Say NO to freebies
  11. Have a zero waste period
  12. Green your makeup routine
  13. Create a food pantry
  14. Sign your college up for a food recovery network
  15. Start a recycling program
  16. Clean up your toiletries
  17. Plastic-free toilet paper
  18. Host a cleanup
  19. Repair and mend items that break – and teach your friends
  20. Donate whatever you can’t use

Headed to college? There’s a lot of waste that happens on campus – regardless if you’re dorming or commuting.

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21 Zero Waste Lifestyle Facts & Myths

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Table of Contents for 21 Zero Waste Lifestyle Facts & Myths

  1. Zero waste is expensive
  2. You must have a trash jar to be zero waste
  3. It’s only for hippies
  4. It’s ultra-time consuming
  5. You can’t be fashionable
  6. You have to have everything on you at all times
  7. You can’t wear makeup
  8. You can never get takeout
  9. Zero waste is regressive instead of progressive
  10. Wooden Toothbrushes are both safe and hygienic
  11. One person can’t make a difference
  12. You’ll be healthier
  13. You’ll value your possessions more
  14. You’ll get creative
  15. It’ll save you money
  16. You’ll feel more connected
  17. You’ll meet like-minded people
  18. You can inspire loved ones
  19. You’ll expand your knowledge
  20. You’ll realize this isn’t anything new
  21. You don’t have to be perfect
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5 Reasons Why Wooden Toothbrushes Beat Their Plastic Alternatives

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wooden toothbrush by brush with bamboo vs plastic toothbrush

Table of Contents for the 5 reasons why a Wooden Toothbrush beats a Plastic One

  1. Wooden Toothbrushes are more eco-friendly
  2. Wooden Toothbrushes are becoming more biodegradable
  3. Your Wooden Toothbrush is just as effective as any plastic one
  4. Your Wooden Toothbrush lasts just as long as a traditional one
  5. Wooden Toothbrushes are both safe and hygienic

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3 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Toothbrushes are the Future

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For decades, economists have talked about the term Peak Oil, which is the point at which we pass the maximum production of petroleum worldwide. Given that plastic is made completely from oil, the concept of Peak Plastic is also inevitable.

A book written in 2018 by American business professor,  Jack Buffington, discusses this topic. In Peak Plastic, Buffington defines the term as the point where the marginal benefit of plastic use to society will be less than its detrimental cost to the environment. According to Buffington, we’ll hit Peak Plastic by 2030. That’s not too far off.

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