Wholesale / Distributorship

24 pc Toothbrush Display

To U.S. Retailers and Distributors: Bamboo toothbrushes could be a the perfect addition to your retail store, web store, hotel, spa, yoga studio, or gift shop. We also love to work with dentists looking to give their patients a green alternative to the plastic toothbrush. We offer a selection of in-store displays for the toothbrushes as well as signage explaining the product.

To International Retailers and Distributors: Plastic pollution is a global problem. To order large shipments for your country, please contact us. We are eager to work with passionate people.

Please email us for all wholesale inquiries at info@brushwithbamboo.com. In your email please include: 1) Your business name, 2) Your business website or physical location. We’ll send you pricing information.