20 Ways to Reduce Waste on Campus

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Table of Contents for 20 Ways to Reduce Waste on Campus

  1. Bring Your Reusables
  2. Thrift, baby
  3. Keep a set of real dishes on hand
  4. Hit up a bulk store
  5. Hit up a farmers market
  6. Start a zero waste club
  7. Revisit your shower caddy
  8. Clean without the toxins
  9. Start a compost heap + community garden
  10. Say NO to freebies
  11. Have a zero waste period
  12. Green your makeup routine
  13. Create a food pantry
  14. Sign your college up for a food recovery network
  15. Start a recycling program
  16. Clean up your toiletries
  17. Plastic-free toilet paper
  18. Host a cleanup
  19. Repair and mend items that break – and teach your friends
  20. Donate whatever you can’t use

Headed to college? There’s a lot of waste that happens on campus – regardless if you’re dorming or commuting.

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