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Our bamboo drinking straws are grown organically and artisan-made in Northeast India exclusively for Brush with Bamboo. Bamboo straws are traditionally used in this hilly part of India to consume beer. You will notice the difference between our fine hand-made straws and other lower-priced machine-made brands of straws. Our artisans are treated like family and paid fair wages. All of our straws are USDA Certified 100% Biobased.

1 billion plastic, petroleum-based, non-biodegradable straws are used everyday worldwide. Our bamboo drinking straws are a fun and eco-friendly alternative to plastic that can be used with any beverage. The straws are made from real whole bamboo stalks – nothing re-compressed or processed. They are washable and reusable. Use a jar of warm water with soap to shake them clean, or clean with a pipe cleaner. A purchase of bamboo straws is a vote for sustainable materials. Each straw is 10 inches in length. The straws can last for years and years when properly cared for.

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All your Questions Answered

How do I clean a bamboo straw?

A cleaning brush with a small diameter is the best way to clean bamboo straws. Plastic-free drinking straw cleaners made with agave fiber bristles are available on our web store. Bamboo straws can be cleaned with warm water and soap. They are dishwasher safe, but use of the dishwasher for cleaning the straws will decrease the useable lifespan of the bamboo straws.

How do I dry a bamboo straw?

Just like other reusable straws, bamboo drinking straws need to be dried in an upright position to allow water and moisture to completely drain out of the straw.

Is it safe to use a bamboo straw on hot drinks?

Yes! Bamboo drinking straws can be used for hot drinks. In fact, because bamboo absorbs less heat than stainless steel and glass, bamboo is the ideal material for use with hot drinks. Please exercise caution and only sip on drinks of a reasonable temperature that will not scald the tongue or mouth.

Are bamboo straws hygienic?

Absolutely yes. Bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial plant – making it the ideal woody material for use in wet environments like your kitchen. When properly cared for, bamboo straws can safely be used and re-used for years.

How long do bamboo straws last?

When properly cared for, bamboo straws can safely be used and re-used for years. The exact lifespan depends from unit to unit because bamboo naturally varies in thickness and strength.

Are bamboo straws dishwasher safe?

Yes – bamboo straws are dishwasher safe. However, if possible, avoiding high heat drying will extend the useful lifespan of the bamboo straws. Repeated exposure to high heat drying in the dishwasher will eventually lead to cracking in the bamboo straws.

Are bamboo straws sustainable?

Bamboo is quite simply the most sustainable option for drinking straws. Bamboo is fastest growing plant on earth – it is a grass, not a tree. The bamboo plant naturally sequesters carbon from the atmosphere. The use of bamboo as a material for drinking straws is a practice that can sustainably continue indefinitely.

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