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Our bamboo hair brush is a zero waste alternative to hair brushes made with synthetic materials. It has a natural and luxurious feel, and functions exactly like conventional hair brushes.

  • Brush pins are pure bamboo
  • Cushion base is natural rubber
  • Wooden handle has a beeswax finish
  • Compostable packaging made from paper only

The Bamboo Hair Brush is resistant to water damage. However, excessive water exposure should be avoided. If the brush becomes wet, we recommend using a towel to wipe it dry. When properly cared for, this hair brush can last for decades.

Learn more about the benefits of using a wooden hairbrush.

This hair brush is 9.75 in/25 cm tall and 3.25 in/8.5 cm wide.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 4 × 2 in

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All your Questions Answered

Can you use a bamboo brush on wet hair?

Yes! Our bamboo hair brushes are finished with Carnauba Wax which gives them a layer of water proofing. In addition, bamboo itself is very resistant to moisture, and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. These factors make bamboo an ideal material to use for hair brushes.

Is a bamboo brush harsh on my hair?

No, not at all. Conventional plastic brushes made from petroleum can cause static, frizz, and tangles. The natural and plant-based material used in our bamboo brushes is better for the hair over an extended period of time. In the same way that our skin responds better to natural fabrics like organic cotton, our hair also responds better to pure and natural materials like bamboo.

Is this bamboo hair brush vegan?

Yes, our bamboo hair brushes are 100% vegan. The finishing on the bamboo is Carnauba wax which is a plant-based material.

What should I do with my old bamboo hair brush?

Your bamboo hair brush can last for decades when properly care for. You can give your hair brush a new life by cleaning it and finishing it with a natural oil like olive oil or coconut oil. If you decide to discard the bamboo hair brush, the entire product is 100% compostable.

Does a bamboo brush help hair grow?

There is no evidence to suggest that a bamboo hair brush can help hair grow.

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