Sourcing Organic Bamboo for Toothbrushes

Brush with Bamboo purchases the bamboo used for our toothbrushes through an exclusive agreement with the Fenghua Tang Yun Wu Wei Bamboo Products Factory in China. The bamboo produced by the Fenghua Tang Yun Wu Wei Bamboo Products Factory is certified as 100% organic. See the certificate here.

The toothbrush handle is carved by skilled artisans in a Chinese mountain village with more than a thousand year history of bamboo craftsmanship . Before carving, the bamboo is boiled in water and dried in a heated oven (the oven is powered by waste from the bamboo carving process – a sustainable cycle). The entire process is chemical-free and natural.

Like tea and silk, bamboo is one of Ancient China’s historic gifts to the world. Bamboo is biodegradable, naturally antibacterial, and one of the most sustainable resources on Earth. This variety of giant Moso bamboo is panda safe Рit is not food or habitat for pandas.