Green_America_certifiedUSDA_Bio_logo_largeBrush with Bamboo is tested and verified: NO BPA and NO TOXIC CHEMICALS.

Brush with Bamboo is a USDA Certified Biobased Product by United States Government’s Biopreferred Program. A purchase of our toothbrush is a vote for biobased products that are not fossil fuel-based!


Biodegradable Handle

Number 1Biodegradable Handle

We’ve created a high quality easy-to-grip curved handle made entirely out of bamboo. It has a natural feel in your hand and mouth, and gives a great look to any bathroom.

Soft Bamboo Blend Bristles

Number 2BPA-Free Soft Bristles

Our bristles are verified Free of BPA. Bristles are made from Nylon. Not biodegradable, but may be recycled. We use Nylon because there is no available plant-based option that would allow you to use your toothbrush for 2-4 months. The only biodegradable option is Boar/Pig hair, which we did not want to use. There are bamboo and pig hair toothbrushes on the market if you’d prefer to use those.

Biodegradable Packaging

Number 3 Compostable Packaging

We wanted to our whole product to be ecological, including the packaging. The toothbrush comes in a compostable wrapper made from plants (Learn more about the wrapper in the FAQ link at the bottom left of this page). The outer box is made from 100% paper and is also biodegradable.

Toothbrush Lifespan

Number 4Toothbrush Lifespan

Our ecological bamboo toothbrush will last just as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush. Please see details on the Proper Care page of this website.

True Sustainability

fiveTrue Sustainability

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, there is no need for using fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation.

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