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Reuse your bamboo handle as a seedling marker


Being gardeners ourselves, we thought of a wonderful reuse for the bamboo toothbrushes in the garden. After the bristles have been removed, the bamboo handle becomes the perfect seedling marker. Our family has already gone through at least 20 bamboo toothbrushes – so we have plenty of bamboo toothbrush handles being used all over the yard.



Before using the toothbrush handles in soil, you will probably want to remove the bristles. Using a pair of pliers, it’s easy to pluck out the bristles from the handle. [/twocol_one]

The bare bamboo handle is perfect for reuse in the garden. We’ve used it as a tool for digging out hard-to-reach corners, but primarily as a seedling marker.


There must be so many more uses for such a nice looking piece of bamboo. Send us your idea!

2 thoughts on “Reuse your bamboo handle as a seedling marker

  1. Great idea – a wonderful reuse!!!!

  2. This is really something!

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